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Select from our collection of memorable domains. With up to five addresses delivering to each account, you may select a variety! THIS SHOULD NOT DISPLAY ON THE SMALLER SITES!

  • General mail domains.
    • Usermail.com
    • 888Mail.net
    • EZWebmailer.com
    • IcedMail.com
    • OddMail.com
    • TekMail.com
  • Domains featuring popular locations.
    • MauiMail.com
    • CAMail.net
    • CaliforniaMail.net
  • Domains featuring performing arts.
    • StageMail.com
    • StageCrew.net
  • Domains for fans of Apple products.
    • EmailForiPhone.com
    • HotMac.com
    • MacBox.com

Choose your favorite, add more whenever you wish!


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Features included with specified plans


Select the plan that meets your needs. Ordering directs you to our prxy.com web site.



Email with universal access and continuous backups, sync contacts with your iPhone.

  • Email/Webmail
  • 2 GB Storage
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Share calendars, contacts, email folders, and documents among your accounts or publicly.

  • Sharing
  • Mobile
  • Personal/Shared Calendar
  • Email/Webmail
  • 10 GB Storage
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